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Lest anyone think that we're the only community that tries to schedule events far in the future, I'd like to point out that I'm at Neutrino 2014 and there's a bid to host Neutrino 2030 already (in Zurich). That's also motivated by a 100th anniversary, in this case, of Pauli's proposal of the neutrino to solve the problem of beta decay.
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Progress Reports 5 and 6

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to post both of these. Here's a year of progress reports for y'all:

Late breaking progress planning: We will be at Diversicon (Aug 3-5) with ribbons, but no party, since we are coming direct from Canada as part of a crazy 5 week trip. We plan to be at METHOD Con, this year's Minn-stf fallcon, obviously just with ribbons since running a party at a party is silly. And I hope we can muster a party at Windycon, stand by.
thanksgiving head 2012
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Progress Report 3

Progress Report 3 has gone out to the membership. It is also at:

We successfully ran our Party at Windycon Friday night. This, plus the insatiable demand for ribbons at Chicago conventions, netted us 34 new members and a few Dodo->Standard upgrades. Thus, the first paragraph of the Progress Report is already out of date and should read:

Since Progress Report 2, our bid has continued to grow, adding 79 members to make a total of 435. Using the 17% of you who have given a physical address, we can say that we have members from at least 13 states and 2 Canadian provinces. We suspect the actual figures are much higher! (If you don't live in CA, IA, IL, MA, MI, MN, NC, NY, OH, ON, PA, QC, TX, VA or WI, drop us a line.)