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kaustin wrote in mpls2073
WSFS's Worldcon Bids and NASFiC Bids page now links to this LJ in their "Hoaxes and Party Excuses" section. I think that Rebecca should have a discussion with them about how serious this bid really is. Once she can talk that is.

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I will mention it to her. As a talking point, I'll suggest she ask them if they think Ganymede in 2110 has anywhere close to the number of members we do.

Also, why is there a smiley face next to every HaPE-deemed bid except for Minneapolis in '73, I wonder.

How to Reserve a Fan Table at Sasquan/Worldcon 2015

Dear Bid Team:

I’m Chuck Serface, and I’ve been appointed to organize the fan tables at Sasquan 2015, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington. If your team would like to reserve a fan table at Sasquan, please follow these procedures:

(1) Send your request to me at
(2) If you have special needs, please list those in your request. For example, the Boston 2020 Christmas Worldcon team has asked for side-by-side proximity to both the Kansas City 2016 and New Zealand 2020, because staff plans to overlap. I will do my best to fulfill all such needs within reason and ability, but keep in mind that compromise may be necessary.

I look forward to meeting you and to working with you in August 2015.

In Friendship,
Chuck Serface
Organizer, Fan Tables
Sasquan 2015

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